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LoveLula is an online organic beauty store which stocks the finest products from some of the finest organic brands in the world. I received my first subscription box from them at the beginning of the month and I was overjoyed with what I found inside. 4 opulent products (2 full size and 2 sample size) as well as 2 small sachets of incredible products. Keep on reading to see exactly what's inside and my initial thoughts also...

LoveLula is an online store I discovered not too long ago, but ever since I have known of it; it's become my new obsession. Organic beauty and skincare is something I feel very strongly about, in the future I would love to convert my entire beauty/skincare collection to wholly and fully organic as I just believe and feel as though organic products ensure our skin is healthier.

Anyway, let's have a look inside this fabulous little box full to the brim of gorgeous products...


Rose Water is a skincare product I have been loving since the beginning of the year. It's a product I can no longer live without. I already own this fabulous product by Balm Balm; which is such a coincidence and I honestly adore it so much (I am so happy I have a spare, YAY!). Rose Water is a great skincare product as it hydrates your skin, aids healing, is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and also keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay. This fabulous product also comes in the form of a handy spray which means you can also use Rose Water as a makeup fixing spray.. - yes, I did just say that. For a budget friendly, super healthy and nourishing way to set your makeup in place simply lightly spritz some of Balm Balm's Rose Water over your freshly done makeup and your makeup will be picture perfect all day long - thank me later ;) I received a 30ml spray bottle in my LoveLula September Beauty Box, buy the full sized product (100ml) here.


This product is absolutely incredible. Upon receiving this product and prior to testing it out, I was incredibly dubious. The leaflet inside states how it can make your face appear red after use and yes, my face did look a little pink for a couple of hours after using this - but the results from this fabulous peeling mask make it all worth it. My skin is always in need of a boost and what better way than to remove a layer of dead skin cells? This fabulous mask by Mádara removes a small layer of dead skin cells from your skin to reveal a brighter complexion which appears to be smoother, softer, more supple and radiant. If your skin is lacking a little bit and in need of a big 'ole boost, this fabulous peel mask is definitely for you. I received a sample tube in my LoveLula September Beauty Box but you can buy the full sized product here. They also have a detox mud mask which I would love to try out in the near future. I would definitely buy from this brand again!


This fabulous plumping serum by FOM is presented beautifully in a classy bottle which looks both opulent and professional. This product by FOM boasts of triple action moisture boost serum - this ensures your skin is super hydrated and moisturised, which in turn prevents moisture loss, therefore enables plumping. With a water light silky formula, this incredible serum is super smooth, glides on like butter and replenishes your skin. This amazing serum is packed full of Hyaluronic acid which is known for delivering high intensity moisture to the skin. This serum also protects the skin against environmental stressors whilst delivering collagen support, skin volume increase and complexion tone regulation. Since using this product for a few days, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the tone of my skin - it looks and feels more even, more revitalised and much more glowy! I received a 10ml sample bottle in my September LoveLula Beauty Box, but you can purchase the full sized item here.

Oils of Heaven - Organic Baobab Facial Oil

I adore facial oils. I feel as though they replenish, rejuvenate and revitalise my skin. I have said many, many times on here that if you have oily skin, the best thing you can do for your skin is to give it more oil - you're probably wondering why and you're probably thinking I'm mad, but let me explain. If your skin is oily and blemish prone - it's probably de-hydrated and the best possible thing you can do for your de-hydrated and oily skin is to feed it.. feed it with hydration.. feed it with Baobab Oil! I have a massive collection of skincare products and facial oils in particular, purely because I think they are incredible for my skin. This fabulous Baobab oil by OoH is incredible as it contains Omega's 3, 6 and 9 so it's super nourishing and hydrating - yay! I received a full sized bottle in my LoveLula September Beauty Box and you can purchase this product by clicking here.

Inside this fabulous September Beauty Box by LoveLula - I also received 2 fabulous sachets. A sample by Kimberly Sayer's Tangerine and Calendula Healing Light Night Cream which also contains which hazel and boasts of healing blemish prone skin and repairing any sun spots/damage. I also received another Mádara sample, but this time it was of their Micellar Water, which works really well and I adore it.

This was my first LoveLula beauty box and I am so excited to receive October's!! I adore beauty subscription boxes, I think they are an incredible way of trying out new and exciting products that I might not have tried if I had never been introduced to them. I would definitely repurchase all of these items as I feel they work wonders on my skin, plus - they're organic! Yay! Want to find out more about LoveLula's beauty boxes? Click here!

What product would you like to try from the contents of this beauty box? What is your favourite beauty subscription box?

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