PR Enquiries -

I absolutely love working companies, small or large and I love reviewing and recommending products to my followers. All opinions are mine and I am never influenced by anyone else. Check out my Disclaimer for full terms and conditions. I am a skilled reviewer and writer, with a large following of over 40,000 combined across all social media.

Events -
I love attending fashion and beauty events. I've attended a large variety of events including London Fashion Week. I would absolutely love to attend your press day or fashion show. Just give me enough notice so I can arrange travel/money/outfits. Just email me, I would love to attend!

Writing opportunities -
I have been freelancing in fashion writing and journalism since around May 2014. I would love to write for your publication! So just email me and we can sort something out.

Using content -
If you want to use any content from then email me first please and we can arrange something.

Bloggers/Friends -
Feel free to contact me whenever! I love making new friends. Whether you're being bullied, need a chat, need someone to listen to you or if you need a friend, I am here for you. Just email me, tweet me, instagram me or facebook me... Don't be shy!



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