www.theperksofmolliequirk.blogspot.com is a 100% completely honest and objective blog. Occasionally I get sent products to review, but being sent products will never, ever change my view on the product when testing it out to review for my audience (in other words, if I think that the product isn't brilliant, I'll say it isn't). I'm a practicing Journalist, which means I am practicing by the rules and regulations Journalists, Bloggers and Online Writers abide by.

If you are looking to send me a product to review, I will only ever accept it if I believe it suits the content of my blog and if I believe it's suitable for my demographic.

I don't accept money in return for advertorials, adverts or sponsored posts - I strive to keep my blog as ethical as I possibly can. I have a genuine passion for writing in general and writing about fashion and beauty too. My blog is a hobby and something I am using as a portfolio of my writing for my future journalistic career.



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